Burning Paper FX Shader.

This is the shader I’m working right now.


At the very beginning, it was created to be a dissolve shader effect. I decided to pivot to a burning paper effect. The reason: I was reinventing the wheel.  The asset store ( the unity’store where you can buy all your resources for video games) was full of dissolve shaders, a lot of people like me thoughts it was a great idea too.


But I’ve realized all the shaders were very generic shader. Obviously, they are dissolve shaders, but What was dissolving?  The answer is everything and nothing.  So I started to work on the idea of doing a dissolve shader for only one material… the one who is often dissolved in games, paper. So I’ve been working on this shader on my free time, trying to figure out how the paper behaves, how It looks… As far I’ve got this, but I have more effect to implement in the shader. I hope to show you in next posts.


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